Pub Quiz – 5 Formats That General Knowledge Quiz Goers Always Enjoy

Creating a pub quiz needs to have a lot of thought put it. Difficulty level, topics, and the amount of quiz rounds are all important parts to a quiz.

  1. Standard Format. Standard format of a pub quiz is a set number of rounds, usually 4 or 5, often contain a handout round. A set of general knowledge quiz is usually the focus of the quiz with at least 50% of the quiz having various trivia questions. To set one up, you firstly need to pick the amount of rounds you want (usually about 5). Then write or buy for 2 or 3 of the sets of tens questions. Now select what kind of handout round you want. The most common being a picture quiz, but taglines, anagrams and small story boards are becoming very popular.
  2. Themed Format. Similar to the Standard pub quiz, but with the focus of the general knowledge questions being about the important date or event. Common themes are based around Christmas, Halloween, Valentines and St Patrick day. Usually the handout round is a picture with the whoever or whatever disguised with the clothing which relates to the theme, such as celebrities with a Santa beard on.
  3. Rounds Table Format. Round table format is a lot more relaxed with the quizzes given out as handouts rounds. They are a selection of quizzes such as handout rounds, anagrams and taglines. They can be handed out or you can leave one on the table and include them as one of the rounds of a normal pub quiz. First hand them out then mark them and give a fresh one out. Round table quizzes are excellent option for a couple times a week and you can do free ones with no prizes just leave them on the actual table or you can do them with prizes and entry fee. These are coming back as being popular and are perfect if you don’t have a competent quiz master.
  4. Story board Format. Story boards are relatively old, but new with regards to pub quizzes. You may remember doing these at school having a passage and then having to fill in the blanks from either a preselected list or your own general knowledge. A story board pub quiz can be handout rounds solely but are more fun to be read out by a quiz master with the answers being given out at the beginning. You have to have firm rules that everyone understands before starting this type of quiz otherwise you’ll be spending ages repeating yourself which loses the appeal. Read slowly and carefully pause to allow people to think before moving onto the next part of the passage.
  5. Cryptic Format. Cryptic formats again are becoming more popular. This is where mystery in the clues to link to the answer. Quiz rounds are usually 4 or 5 questions as they take longer to get and sometimes a prize is given for the one who gets it first but becomes a bit messy and time consuming. If thinking of doing a cryptic pub quiz be sure to have less questions per rounds

Hopefully these formats for a pub quiz will help you create your own.

Source by John Cragg

Why Louisville Would Be A Great Fit For An NFL Team

The NFL is a league that loves to expands to new and untapped markets within the United States. There are many major cities out there in the US that can make that argument that they are deserving of a new NFL franchise should the NFL decide to expand or relocate one of their current franchises. This article will discuss why Louisville would be a great fit for an NFL team.

Louisville Has A Solid Sports History And Culture

Louisville has a long history with sports. First of all, Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby which is a well attended and watched event on television. Second, Louisville is home to the Louisville Slugger which is a popular brand of baseball bat used by several prominent baseball players. Third, the University of Louisville Cardinals have solid basketball and football programs year in and year out.

Louisville has also been home to some of the greatest legends. One of these legends is Muhammad Ali who would go on to become one of the best boxers ever. Another individual from Louisville is Johnny Unitas who would go on to become one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. There are many other sports figures who are from Louisville but there are too many to be put on this list.

Louisville would certainly be a good fit for an NFL team. One might make the argument that college sports dominate the landscape in Louisville, which certainly is true. However, since the NFL schedule is usually played on Sunday afternoons, it would not be hard to accommodate both the collegiate sports schedules and the Louisville NFL team. In fact, the addition of an NFL team in Louisville would bolster the already solid sports history and culture of Louisville and give the sports fans there another team to cheer for.

Having An NFL Team In Louisville Is Good For The Neighboring Television Markets And Sports Markets

As with any expansion or relocation of a team to a new city, one of the biggest factors is the main markets which the team would expand to. In this case, placing an NFL team in Louisville would reach out to the entire state of Kentucky, southern Indiana, and southern Illinois. If the team is successful in their first few years, they would be able to reach out farther.

It is true that there are other NFL teams which compete in those markets. For example, the Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans reach into Kentucky. The Indianapolis Colts reach into southern Indiana. The St. Louis Rams reach into southern Illinois. The Louisville NFL team would have to face competition from those teams in terms of reaching out into the desired markets.

However, I would argue that this competition is a good thing because it encourages fans in those areas to become more active in terms of which team to cheer for and would force the teams teams to field a better product in order to keep Louisville from claiming those fans. Louisville in turn would do its best to field a solid team to gain a stronghold into states such as Indiana, Illinois, and Tennessee which have solid sports cultures in their own right. It's a win-win situation for the NFL and the fans in those markets.

Source by Sohaib Azam, Esq

News Blogs Vs The Newspaper

Grapevine has it that the paper boy may soon be out of business with the emergence of news blogs on the internet. Conventionally, most home owners, especially those belonging to the older generation are used to reading the daily newspaper in print in order to stay updated with current global news. However, this trend is experiencing a change where the newer generation now looks to the internet when it comes to staying updated with the latest happenings around the world.

This shifting trend poses a threat to many of the conventional print newspapers. So much so that many of them have initiated the move to go online. Many newspaper companies have experienced a drop in their sales due to this new emerging trend. However, the danger for news agencies is far from over because they are being rivaled by another creation of the web that comes in  the form of news blogs.

These are basically online websites that deliver round the clock updated breaking news from around the world. These news aggregation websites do not only give you the daily news as quoted from other news sources  but they also give you the opportunity to watch original news programs covering your favorite niches. Many of these blogs feature separate sections, writers, videos and original programs on politics, business, sports, entertainment, biz and tech and much more. In essence a news blog is everything that a newspaper could ever wish to be.

There is no denying the fact that news blogs offer the news seeker a much more enhanced experience. At the same time however it has had a significant impact on journalism. This is because readers are given the opportunity to comment and give feedback on anything they read, see or hear on these blogs thus keeping the journalists in check. Unlike conventional media where it is difficult to identify a twisted agenda, with news blogs intentions are always kept in check.  

When examined in detailed this phenomenon comes across as a very important and vital development of our century. In an era where the media is being blamed for promoting vested agendas, news blogs deliver impartial breaking news and headlines from around the world in an unbiased, unprejudiced and informative manner.

The newspaper in print can never even dream to match the value that news blogs have to offer. This is why you will find them to be increasing in terms of popularity all over the world whereas the sales and popularity of the conventional printed paper seem to be dwindling fast.

Source by Shehryaar Shaukat

A Short History of Sports Photography

The history of sports photography is tightly related to the trends of sport gaining popularity throughout human history. The technology of photography from the early 1800s onward leaped forward in bounds and aided an emerging media, sporting journalism.

The inspiration of athletics and sport in art can certainly be seen in the work of the ancient Greek masters of sculpture, however this type of expression was not as prevalent in modern sporting venues until the invention of wet-collodion and dry-plate photographic processes. These processes allowed for posed studio images on glass plates and tin-types, but were just not ‘fast’ enough for the ‘stop-action’ images we are used to seeing today.

As the 19th Century was coming to a close, in the 1880s scientific motion studies of athletes in action were produced in the United States and Germany, the technology was still not considered on the sporting field. This all changed with the advancement of photography and sports journals in the last part of the century. As the first sports journals began to appear around 1900, the public became more and more interested in the sports image, which often would include images of players on the tennis green, golfling or on the hunt for wild game.

In the history of sports photography the earliest of contributors were more concerned with the activities of the country elite, but by the end of World War I, readers of sporting journals were becoming interested in the professional athletes of American baseball and tennis. The majority of these early images were of prominent players in posed situations, giving te sense of action. Baseball players were posed with bat in hand at the plate, teams were lined up for group shots and so forth, however the ‘action’ shot was still not widely seen.

With the 1930s more and more images of athletes in action were appearing in magazines, assisted in their growth through camera systems allowing photographers shutter speeds up to 1/1000th of a second. This gave way to styles highlighting blurred subjects suggesting movement and ‘stop-action’ images of the athlete in activity. Photographers began adopting signature styles and the popularity of the genre began to grow rapidly as the public began to expect the excitement of seeing their favored athletes in ‘action.’

In 1954, Sports Illustrated – the vaunted digest of sports and athletics – premiered and suddenly the position of being a sports photographer became even more engrained in the public eye. The magazine highlighted the exploits and professional and amateur athletes the world over, increasing the need for the art form and those who practiced it. By this point, technology had more or less caught up with demand, with the advent of small, compact single lens reflex (SLR) cameras and the fast shutter speeds offered in the models. The history of sports photography is strongly tied to lens technology, as well, had advanced to offer the photographer a wide choice of methods to compress perspective and using depth of field for dramatic effect.

Source by Wendy Pan

Sports – Fetish and Frenzy

When the world is preparing for FIFA 2010, the 19th world cup in America's most loved sport, there is no dearth of latest videos of past matches, breath taking semi-finals and those killer goals of Baggio, Bekham or Pele. The access to the upcoming season of professional and college football is one click away with more and latest videos being added day to day. For a nation crazy for sports streaming continuously videos delivering both the latest happenings in the world of sports and also the old records is a treat to all sports lovers. Whether you are the young sophomore who wants to try the most popular kicks of Ronaldo, or the manager who no longer is able to fit in sports in his busy daily life, there is something or the for you to suit your needs. From the Major League Baseball World Series to the NBA, or the NCAA College Basketball tournament, everything is served on a platter for you. Live scores, in-depth player and team news, sports videos, rumors, stats, schedules, fantasy games, standings for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR- All sports news video in one place. When you don't like wandering all the websites in search for sports news, there are sites which give you everything at one place.

It is heartbreaking for a sports lover to go out of town at the time of airing of the match of their favorite team. Going to a place that doesn't air live sports at the time of the biggest and most important game of the season can be truly frustrating. Now you don't need to miss the game that you have been anticipating to watch for an entire game season. There are now sports news web sites available that cover almost all the sports news and some also provide live news clips and play by play information. These sites not only provide the sports content, they also have the in-depth analysis of the game. In addition they provide with reliable statistics on players and teams you've been rooting for. Some websites even have the option to update on their email containing the latest sports news covering any and all information pertaining to their teams of their choice.

Some sites offering current sports news are able to reference the best sports team centers from all over the country in order to verify that the statistics and sports news information on their pages are truly the best and most accurate information that they can offer that traveling sports fanatic while they are away from their favorite teams.

Source by Mike Gari

Sports Illustrated Magazine

Although Sports Illustrated is an extremely popular magazine (primarily with a male readership) these days, there were similar magazines called Sports Illustrated which failed before the current incarnation of the magazine that arrives on news stands and in mailboxes across the country. Hard as it may be to believe, sports journalism was once considered beneath other forms of writing. That was before writers like Frank Deford, Robert Creamer and others came along and proved that writing about sports could grab readers and have them debating the pros and cons of various aspects of basketball, football and..yes.. even swimsuit models. Reporting on the Olympic Games was also in demand and some of those covers featuring Olympic athletes have become collector’s issues.

Ironically, an early publisher of the magazine, Henry Luce, was not even an avid sports fan. He could probably be called lukewarm (at best). Still, he managed to ignore those who scoffed at the idea of a magazine focused only on sports reporting and photos. His instincts served him in good stead and Sports Illustrated was ready to take off.

Of course, timing is everything. It didn’t hurt that television was about to help Americans sit in the comfort of their dens or living or family rooms and watch a baseball or other game. It was a natural move to buy a magazine to read during the commercials and Sports Illustrated filled the bill. If there was any question about a particular batting average, the magazine could be consulted. Besides, it was just plain fun to read – and it only became better through the years.

Sports Illustrated was responsible for many innovations in sports reporting. Their noted “Sportsman of the Year” was popular from the start. Everyone loves a good competition so readers were eager to see who’d grace the cover each year – and why. Winners have accomplished such feats as breaking the four minute mile (Roger Bannister) or some other athletic feat. If the covers are representative of the popularity of specific sports, then Major League Baseball seems to be the most popular sport, followed by Pro Football and Pro Basketball.

It would be impossible to mention the magazine without mentioning the infamous and sometimes controversial swimsuit issue. The first one was published in 1964 and men found photos of supermodels posing in often very skimpy, barely there swimsuits impossible to resist ( a fair share of women bought the swimsuit issues, too, perhaps to see how they measured up in comparison with the models). While the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated flies off the magazine shelves, there are some readers who write protest letter or even cancel their subscriptions yearly – all because of this issue.

It isn’t only athletes or swimsuit models who have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. Famous celebrities have been used to promote sports. These include Ed Sullivan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Big Bird. Sports Illustrated has even spun off a special edition of the magazine for children, Sports Illustrated Kids.

Since sports has its share of controversy and a wide mixture of athletes, there have been some who have been featured in the magazine for sad reasons. Sports Illustrated even has had memorial covers. Ted Williams was featured after he died of a heart attack. Pat Tillman, who played for the Arizona Cardinals, appeared on the cover after he died in Afghanistan.

Even with the advent of sports television stations like ESPN, Sports Illustrated remains popular. Close to 20 percent of American males read it. Articles from the magazine form the basis for spirited debates at parties, work and home. It seems to have become a part of American life.

Source by Graeme I Olsen

Get a Handsome Penis Before Venturing Into a Sex Party

Curious about attending a sex party? Many men who have access to these hot party sessions want to make the most of it. Certain good penis care, including proper hygiene and the use of a top-notch penis health crème, are a few ways to ensure a handsome penis that is ready for display among strangers. But there are plenty of other things to consider before getting all dressed up and heading for the good times.

Every sex party has its own rules, but there are some rules of etiquette that tend to be universal. Read over those rules and know them by heart, but don’t be surprised if there are even more rules that must be followed in order to enjoy sexual bliss. Be ready to roll with the changes.

Basic sex party etiquette

So without further ado, here’s what a man needs to remember when he takes himself and that handsome penis out for a little action.

1. Dress appropriately. Unless the invite says a man should go with a particular theme, such as a ‘sports night’ complete with a favorite team’s jersey, a man should step up the clothing game. Despite what a man might hope, sex parties don’t involve wall-to-wall nudity; there is quite a bit of discussion happening between those who are fully clothed. Opt for at least business casual, but if it’s an upscale place, consider black tie.

2. Bring a friend. Though parties often say it’s okay to bring a plus one, some actually require use of the buddy system. If the buddy system isn’t required, it’s always a good idea to bring another man along, at least as a wingman. This gives a guy someone to talk to during those first few awkward moments, and provides plenty of opportunity for after-action discussion about how things went.

3. Let the ladies take the lead. Though a man might be accustomed to being the alpha in any relationship – even those that last for only one night – he must put that aside during the sex party. The ladies are the ones in control there, and they will make it abundantly clear if a man oversteps his boundaries. So be polite and let her call the shots, unless she very clearly says it’s time for the guys to do the shot-calling.

4. Don’t expect to get lucky. Many men go to sex parties with the expectation of whipping out a handsome penis and getting action all night long. In that case, a man will be sorely disappointed. Some sex parties do have open areas where they allow an ‘anything goes’ mentality, but for the most part, these events are a bit classier than that. Some men might go to a sex party and watch plenty of action, but not get any themselves. In fact, for the first few visits, that’s entirely okay.

5. Don’t drink too much. Events like sex parties can make even the most adventurous man a little shy, and that makes it quite likely to reach for the alcohol one too many times. Avoid doing this, as it could lead to a permanent ban. And besides that, a man who drinks too much and then gets lucky might find that he doesn’t get lucky at all, as that handsome penis suddenly decides not to get into the game.

6. Heed rules and protection. At most parties, condoms are an absolute must, but some go beyond that by requiring a thorough wash-down beforehand, or even requiring the use of dental dams and other barrier protections. Don’t try to get around this, as it compromises the health of everyone involved; besides, it’s very bad form.

Above all, have fun at a sex party, and stay safe while doing it. To prepare for the fun, opt for regular use of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look for a crème that contains skin-enhancing nutrients, such as vitamin E for hydration, vitamin A for odor-fighting properties and vitamin C for better skin tone. The addition of Shea butter can also lead to a healthier, more handsome penis.

Source by John Dugan

NYC Nightlife, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Bars – Our Guide To New York City Entertainment

Despite the city becoming bigger and building its nightlife more for tourists, New York is still packed to the brim with plenty of nightlife for locals and travelers. NYC is known as the HUB of the Jazz world since all the greats made their names here and up and comers know this is the place to make it. New York also has some of the hottest and most exclusive dance clubs in the world. There are a lot of lounges so there are plenty of places in New York for you to find a nice comfy place to sit, drink, and listen to music. NYC caters to all ages of partiers, hosts the broadest range of huge concerts by world renowned musicians, and is world famous for the comedy clubs that the most famous comedians globally call home.

We went on a friday night looking for a nightclub with a cool atmosphere and someone recommended Ace of Clubs Nightclub so we hopped in a cab and $40 later we arrived at Ace of Clubs. When we walked in the door things just didn’t seem our style. It was a little loud and the drinks were kind of pricey. So we went back to our hotel in search of something better.

On the way into the hotel we asked the woman at the desk to recommend a nightclub and she told us to check ploose which I guess is some new nightlife directory that was super easy. We typed in New York City, chose nightclub, and it showed a bunch right on the map. So we picked the closest one that said it had drink specials going on, since we had spent so much on cabs already, we went down and cabbed over to it. When we got there it was EXACTLY like it showed on that ploose site (we had watched a couple video tours so we knew what to expect). We walked in and got a table and bought a bottle of grey goose and had a great time. It was called “The Pink Elephant” (name of the nightclub). We had a great time and went back to our hotel to pass out.

We spent the next day doing touristy stuff, checking out 5th avenue, walking all around Manhattan, stopping at a couple restaurants randomly for lunch and by the time night rolled around we were exhausted. We decided we needed something a bit more low-key so we checked ploose again and found a cool little lounge nearby and decided to check it out. It was called the Sapphire Lounge. It had a really classic decor, kind of like a party in your living room. The red curtains were great! There was this hip DJ there playing some house music and the prices were very reasonable. We highly recommend it.

Sunday came around and we wanted to watch the Football game so we ploosed a nearby sports bar. We found Proof NYC and let me tell you, I was REALLY glad we went there. It had a HUGE TV and I’m talking like 8 feet long — this TV was no joke. The bar had hardwood floors and scarlet walls. They had some great beer specials that day as well so we had lucked out. We ordered some food and sipped our drinks enjoying the last day in New York City.

Before we left town for good we had time to stop by a jazz bar called the “Blue Note”. It was one of the best jazz bars I’ve been to in the world and to any jazz fans, I recommend it highly. It was at about half or more capacity but not too crowded, decorated beautifully and the featured musicians blew our minds!

In summary, New York City has a VERY wide selection of entertainment selections to offer. Next time we go we will check on the Opera and Broadway and give you our recommendations there.

Work hard, party harder, and get home safe.

Source by Vito Glazers

Pattaya 2009 – A Splendid Year That Beckons Tourists to This Amazing Destination

Pattaya is a picturesque tourist spot located in the Chonburi province of Thailand. This holiday destination is world famous for its golden sandy beaches; rich cuisine and thrilling nightlife, which have made it famous amongst tourists from all over the world. The exotic location and attractions that delight the senses truly promise to make this year worth remembering for many visitors. The splendid mix of festivals, cultural shows and sport tournaments promises to make Pattaya 2009, a truly memorable year.

The year will kick start with countdown to the New Year celebrations on the Jomtein beach, followed by the traditional Chinese new year celebrations at Bali Hai Pier. The sporting calendar will start with, The Royal Trophy, golf championship game between Asia and Europe. Later the Pattaya Tennis open, promises to attract sports lover from all over the world. The famous Pattaya Marathon is held every year and consists of three races: the full marathon, the half marathon and the quarter marathon. The Pattaya Windsurfing race 1 and 2 that culminates into the Windsurfing Cup- the final race, held at the Jomtein beach. The other sporting events like the Bangsean Super carts, Jet-ski competition and Diana Gold Charity Golf tournament promise to make Pattaya 2009, an enjoyable year for sport lovers from all over the world.

A number of cultural shows and festivals will be hosted in the current year to highlight the Thai culture to millions of tourist that flock this beautiful spot in Thailand. The International Music festival is sure to rock the fans from dusk to dawn. It is jointly hosted by Thailand tourism authority along with GMM Grammy label and is divided into three stages that are held in different parts of the Pattaya city; the Laem Bali High, Pattaya Soi 4 and the central Pattaya. The scintillating music by the international and the local bands is bound to rock fans in Pattaya 2009.

The other major festival which is of traditional nature is the Songkran festival, also known as the Thai New Year. The festival involves of three days of no-stop festivities that are marked by throwing water on the people in the streets. This custom signifies good luck that it brings on to the people and at the same time provides the cooling comfort, at the time when it very hot in Pattaya. The streets are full with wet people from many nationalities, with each one enjoying this unique event to the greatest possible extent.

Pattaya 2009 will host other cultural Thai festivals like the Chonburi annual festival, the Ancestor Spirit ceremony, Laem Tan Seafood festival, Pattaya Food & Hoteliers Expo, Pattaya Vegetarian festival, Bangsaen sand castle & Wan Lai festival. The contest like the Miss Queen International, Wedding fair, eastern bartender contest and the Alcaza Lip Sing contest add to glamour to the atmosphere of the city. All this festivals and contests are sure to attract the people, from around the world and make Pattaya 2009 an amazing year that will captivate their senses.

Source by Soophott Lert

The Importance of Sports Massage Therapy For All Athletes

The Winter Olympics finished earlier this year in Vancouver, and one thing prevalent at the games – besides terrific performances by the world’s best athletes – was massage therapists, and a lot of them. And this prevalence of sports trainers and professional therapists was not unique to just this year’s Games. Indeed, a study in The British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that 45 percent of the treatment athletes receive at major, international and national, sporting events comes in the form of sports massage therapy.

The reason for this abundance of sports therapy is clear. In the journal of Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, an article published in 2008 demonstrated sports therapy’s extensive benefit for athletes, with therapy being credited in reducing levels of swelling while increasing levels of muscle strength after periods of strenuous exercise. In the same study, sports therapy also was shown to decrease the amount of energy the body must expend to heal damaged muscle groups.

What does all this mean?

It means that the world’s best professional athletes will continue to use massage therapy at competitions of the highest level, which means that athletes at all levels may want to consider therapy to aid themselves and their teams in training and competitions.

What, specifically, can massage do for athletes?

– It can improve training, with therapy easing muscle pain and potential injury during strenuous days. Therapy can also keep muscles flexible and healthy during lighter days or periods of training.

– It can improve performance. Sports massage before competitions can energize muscles and aid in stretching and warm-up exercises. It can also help limit the amount of pain and potential injury after grueling events.

– It can improve health. Therapy has been proven to improve the body’s circulation, essential for the removal of metabolic waste, but also important in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Massage therapy has benefits for athletes of all sports. Be it basketball, hockey, lacrosse, swimming, running, bicycling, football, golf, basketball, soccer, tennis or any of the many other athletic pursuits out there, sports therapy can be a great way to ensure the best possible health and condition of athletes, during training and at competitions. There’s a reason why almost half of all professional therapists practice sports therapy, and why nearly half of all treatment given to athletes at major, international competitions comes in the form of sports therapy. Quite simply: It works.

Source by Brandon J. Thomas