Bet Football Today – Make a Stable Income Betting on Sports

The NFL season is just around the corner and it is time to bet football today! Betting on football is one of the greatest ways to earn a stable income right in the comfort of your own home.

So what is the best place bet on football?

The best place to bet on football by far is through an online sportsbook. Not only do you get a huge bonus for signing up, you can place bets right in the comfort of your own home anytime you want 24/7. For example, if you deposit 100 bucks for the up-and-coming football season, you get a 100 dollars just for signing up! Now you have 200 dollars to wager with. If you find a cookie to place your wagers with, there is no way your getting a 100% deposit bonus. Also when you want to cash out, you click one button and the money is in your bank account in 3-4 days. You absolutely can not beat this and if you have a great NFL football bet system in place there is no way you can not earn a stable income betting online.

When placing football bet you need to pay attention to the NFL betting lines. They change quite frequently and the best time to get a line is usually on Monday, right after all the NFL Sunday games. Take a look on Monday when you want to bet football today. You can get some great college football lines and NFL lines for cheap. With the use of an online sports book, bet on football game or even bet football internet sport has never been so easy. You can place a bet within 1 minute of the start of the game. The NFL betting lines are constantly changing and looking for the right line to take advantage of the best thing you could ever do. Betting lines for NFL games is one of the most profitable sports which I profit over 100K last year myself! I made roughly 80k on football, and 20k on all other sports last year.

Football, especially an American football bet is the single most profitable risk you could ever take. There will be many college football preseason polls and or even many people giving their fantasy football predictions out there on the internet. This all helps in deciding your sports pick, but the only true way to go is to get a professional sports handicapper. I found a professional sports handicapper over a year ago and it has led me to quitting my day job, buying a new house, a new car, and living it up like a rock star. You can do this to betting on sports. Using an online sports book you can bet on fantasy football predictions, top fantasy football players, fantasy football strategies, etc … anything you want you can bet on it online! I wish you the best of luck deciding on how you want to bet on sports and where to find your picks! If you as lucky as I was, you can find an amazing sports handicapper for under 50 bucks a month!

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Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine – Know the Differences

It isn’t unusual to use the terms sports medicine and physical therapy interchangeably. However the two aren’t exactly the same things even though you may find yourself the patient of both fields at the same time.

While compatible, the difference between the two branches of medical discipline is clear. Both are effective for treating injuries, diseases and disorders of the muscle and skeletal systems of the body and both are useful for the prevention of future injury or disease symptom reoccurence. By taking an individual look at both types of medical assistance, you will soon see the differences between physical therapy and sports medicine.

Let’s take a look at the field of physical therapy first. Unlike sports medicine, physical therapy as a whole is devoted to correcting any injury, disease, or disorder of the bones and muscles that can be treated with non invasive techniques. The focus is to provide patients with relief from pain, improve their muscle, joint, and bone function, while providing techniques the patient can use on their own for additional healing. The primary tools of a therapist are good diagnosing and evaluating skills, knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, and knowledge of which therapy is effective for each situation.

One large difference between the two is that physical therapy doesn’t only deal with sports related injuries or problems. Physical therapists can choose to specialize in their careers with emphasis on things like pediatrics, geriatrics, and neurology. Other areas of expertise included in physical therapy are sports, cardiovascular sciences, and occupational therapy.

When you are looking at the differences between these two healing arts you certainly can’t overlook sports medicine. The type of medical discipline is solely used for sports related injuries and disorders. While sports physical therapy techniques are commonly used in addition to sports medicine, sports medicine may involve surgeries, procedures, and medications not used in physical therapy. Sports medicine practitioners also can have specialty fields as well. Orthopedics and skeletal emphasis are common. Advanced study of how long term sporting activities and treating sports related injuries are always a part of this particular discipline.

Understanding the difference between physical therapy and sports medicine may be key to determining how to best treat your physical problem. While they can and are commonly used together, each one has its own distinct benefit. Your medical care team can further help distinguish the two and point you in the right direction in terms of your health care needs. The important thing is take care of any injury, sports related or not, to ensure your body’s function in the years to come.

The difference between these two medical approaches is obvious. Although the two are often used together, each one has its own purpose and uses. Your doctor can give you advice on which specialist is right for your needs.

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Online Video Ads and Consumer Response

Online video ads are considered excellent for branding. But, the DoubleClick findings suggest that online video ads perform extremely well even on direct response metrics like click-through rate. While image ads have click-through rates of 0.1%. Online video ads in comparison have click-through rates as high as 0.74%. Spending on them is only 0.6% of their TV counterparts. Online video ads spending should see a surge if publishing networks can find a way of targeting videos contextually. US advertisers are expected to spend $ 775 million on online video ads this year.

Online video consumption has been increasing with 62% internet users viewing streaming video content once a week. Most of the consumers prefer watching streaming video content at home. Content most watched online include news clips (62%), movie trailers (38%) and music videos (34%). Users in the age group 18-34 are more likely to watch movies, TV Shows and user-generated content online. These users are also more likely to generate video content. In comparison users over 35 years are streaming more news clips, sports clips and user-generated content. 69% of internet users streaming online video content are above 35 years of age.

Consumers are 8% more likely to view to completion video ads that are 15 seconds in length compared to those that are 30 seconds long. However, the 30 second pre-roll video ad format slightly outperforms the 5 and 15 second ad formats in terms of CTR.

Consumers are more receptive to advertising appearing in informative videos as compared to entertainment videos. As consumers are already searching for content related to a product or service, they would be more receptive to relevant advertising. Content-rich videos websites have click-through rates of 0.72% in comparison to premium websites which have click-through rates of 0.35%. Consumers say they are more likely to view through ads (visit advertised sites without clicking on ads) than click-through.


  1. DoubleClick TouchPoints IV "How Digital Media Fit into Consumer Purchase Decisions" (White Paper)
  2. Bi-Annual Online Video Study: First-Half 2007 vs. Second-Half 2006 "The Who, What, When And What Works of Online Video Consumption and Advertising", (

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Top Reasons Why Athletes Should See a Sports Medicine Doctor

The life of professional athletes isn’t easy. They have to participate in intensive exercises and training activities constantly to deliver maximum performance in front of an audience.

While these activities are crucial for athletes to stay in shape, they can also damage their body.

Sports medicine is a growing healthcare field dedicated for treatment of injuries related to sports and exercise like fractures, dislocations, sprains and strains, tendonitis, overtraining syndrome and degenerative diseases.

Besides injury treatment, it also focuses on helping the athletes improve their performance prevent future injuries.

Despite being a relatively new medical specialty, it has become essential for athletes thanks to its ability to address their specific needs and concerns.

Who is a Sports Medicine Doctor?

A sports medicine doctor is a licensed and trained individual who focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries related to athletic activities.

These specialists treat their patients using physical therapy, orthopedic surgery, massage therapy, exercises, and other techniques so that they can return to their desired activity level quickly, safely and successfully.

They also teach the athletes on nutrition to help them maintain an optimal level of health and fitness and achieve their sports performance goals.

The sports medicine team includes sports physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, sports orthopaedic surgeons, sports podiatrists, athletic trainers, sports dieticians, exercise physiologists and sports biomechanists.

Common Sports Injuries:

Some common sports injuries athletes suffer on the filed include ankle sprain, groin pull, hamstring strain, knee injury, tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis, concussion, shoulder injury, hip bursitis, quadriceps strain and shin splints.

They can also experience the exacerbation of pre-existing health problems like diabetes, asthma, allergies and arthritis.

Reasons to Visit a Sports Medicine Doctor:

There are many reasons for an athlete to see a sports physician.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

(1) Customized Care:

Sports medicine doctors are specially trained healthcare professionals who have an in-depth understanding of what could be the impacts of an exercise on their patient’s body. They collaborate with physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons to develop a customized treatment for their patient.

(2) Injury Prevention:

Sports physicians can provide the athletes with expert advice on the how to prevent injuries during the practice or play and how to reduce the likelihood of resurfacing a previous injury. They also conduct pre-participation physical exams of their patients to determine whether they are fit enough to resume sports activities.

(3) Pain Management:

Sports injuries may lead to several orthopedic issues that often cause chronic pain, making it difficult for the athletes to return to the game and carry out their activities.

While the primary aim of sports physicians is always to diagnose, treat and resolve the injury, they also use pain management therapies like electrical stimulation, spinal decompression, prescription medications and injected medications, to help their patients prevent or defer the need for surgery and continue their daily activities without any hindrance.

(4) Rehabilitation:

For an athlete, a return from an injury can be a complicated and lengthy process. If you find yourself sidelined by an injury, a sports physician can help you restore your movement and function and return to same or higher level of fitness quickly.

(5) Improving Athletic Performance:

Sports physicians diagnose and treat uncomfortable conditions to help you deliver your maximum performance, both on and off the field.

They also suggest you exercises and techniques to improve your strength and balance that contribute to your success as an athlete.

(6) Improving overall Fitness:

Sports physicians help athletes prevent muscle sprains, strains and tears to keep their bodies in shape.

They also conduct full body and musculoskeletal examinations to help them maintain their overall fitness.

(7) Non-Surgical Treatment:

Sports physicians try to avoid surgery in less severe cases and instead focus on treating injuries with non-surgical methods like physical therapy and acupuncture.

These treatments are often non-invasive and require shorter recovery time.

(8) State-of-the-Art Surgical Treatment:

In the cases where surgery is indispensable, sports physicians use advanced surgical procedures, like arthroscopic ACL repair, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, hip arthroscopy, stem cell therapy and rotator cuff repair to restore the function of injured areas.

(9) Education & Nutrition:

Sports medicine doctors teach you how to fuel your body properly …

Cricket, Telecast and Latest Sports News

The last edition of the Champions Trophy witnessed an epitome of drama. In spite of rains disturbing the games regularly, the series did not lose its interest among fans who were cheering for their respective home teams. In the end, the World Champions and the currently number one ranked team in the ODIs, team India stood tall as winners of the final edition of this tournament.

Post Champions Trophy, the World champions proved their worth yet again when they conquered the Celkon trophy at West Indies.

In spite of losing two matches back to back, team India made a great comeback and seized the trophy. Looking back at the series, the team looked in a fix without their captain cool Mahindra Singh Dhoni in a couple of matches. In the absence of captain cool Dhoni, ViratKohli made sure he was the news headlines for his captain ship qualities.

With a winning-losing ratio of 1:1, Kohli impressed a few but was still criticized as an immature captain for his behavior and his skills of handling the team in pressure situations. However he made sure India reached the finals from where India’s best captain, Dhoni took over. Scoring 15 runs in the last over in a nail biting finisher, Dhoni once again proved why he is one of the best finishers of the game. Post which former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly hailed Dhoni as one of the best ODI players in the history of the game.

However, the biggest problem during this series was not the weather but the telecast time of the match in the subcontinent. The cricket fanatics faced time lag issues since the match was telecasted late night on-wards. Most of the fans found it difficult to stay awake till late night to watch the whole match.

In such situations, viewers who had set top boxes recorded their matches while others decided to go online and check out the matches from the sports channel portals.This innovation has changed the viewing experience because most sports news channels have now moved online to cater to the needs of their customers and to capture the web space. Popular newspapers have always made sure they don’t stay behind in the race. Newspapers are constantly made sure that their sports content reaches their audience before TV channels gets live.

So the next time when someone asks you what the hot news today in the sporting world is, simply direct them to watch online news channels and other popular sites.

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Timex Digital Watch – All You Need to Know

Timex, as we all know, is one of the most known watchmakers around the world. Through the advent of the digital era and its introduction in watch technology, Timex has started making and selling of digital watches around the world. Timex digital watches remains one of the most trusting and reputated name in its own genre.


There are numerous types of digital watches by Timex: many a model and many a design depending on many a technology. There are simple digital, Timex digital sport watches, watches with both analog and digital technology, digital watches with or without indiglo technology etc.

Timex makes watches with male or female designs meaning each one will look better if worn by a male or a female respectively. They even have ‘youth’ models. Almost all of the Timex digital watches are also equipped with water resistant technology, through a variety of depths. Each watches come in different colors, different weights, different materials and different functionality such as calendar, calculator etc.

Setting Date & Time

Although there are newer technologies, there is a common problem with all digital watches i.e. setting date and time. Most people are not comfortable with setting time at their digital watches, at least not when they have just bought it. In order to do it, just follow the following instructions: first push the lower right button until you see the seconds flash, then set it to zero by the upper right button. Repeat the process again until you have set minute, date, day, month and week. Be careful while choosing am or pm.

Main Models & Prices

There are many models that go under the name Timex digital watches. There are too many models and only a few of them have been presented here: digital grip clip sports (about $20), ladies 1440 white resin (about $20), 1440 sports mid-sized watch (about $25 or lower), men’s indiglo (about $30), expedition digital compass (about $45), fitness tracker pedometer (about $85). These are all approximate prices and can vary but one thing is the price-tag is variable over a long range because of variety of models. At times Timex digital watches can even cost you as much as $100-200 or even more. We will conclude the article by a short list of 3 most popular models:

Timex T78587

This model is a men’s stylish digital model made of stainless steel with features like chronograph, alarm, indiglo night-light, timer functions as well as a month, date and day display with a battery life of 4-year and water resistance up to 30 meter. The Timex T78587 costs about $30 now.

Timex T78677

This model, costs about $25-30, is almost the same as the T78587 model with the exception that some of its variation doesn’t offer chronograph technology.

Timex T5H091

This is a yet again men’s model but this offers water -resistance up to 165 feet and is designed to fit any wrist. The Timex T5H091 costs about $16-20.

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Panasonic TX-L37D28BS Review: LED Performance Redefined

Panasonic proudly unveils a new LED television model that the manufacturer claims to make a true impact on your living room. It can be purchased at a price of £680 from leading online retail stores. But what difference does this model offer that most other units have not offered before?

Attractive Design

The distinctive feature amongst LED television models this day is that it must not only meet the technological qualifications of the modern user, but must also have the looks. The Panasonic TX-L37D28BS is part of the Pure Line range from Panasonic that offers a sleek design instead of merely being a black box. Now, it can serve as the focal point in your living room’s interior design.

There are three model colours to choose from, depending on your preference: silky white, satin silver, and shiny purple. You need to see the actual television unit in order to appreciate its beauty. The frames are also built with a luminescent material such that you can enjoy complete design freedom, allowing you to choose a colour that would complement the natural room lighting.

Optimum Picture Quality

The first area that consumers would look into when buying LED TVs would be the picture quality. Panasonic TX-L37D28BS offers more than an attractive design but is also built around the highest picture quality and technology.

There are several technological components that ensure you can get the maximum quality of home viewing experience, such as a dynamic contrast ratio, Intelligent Frame Creation Pro technology, and a wide viewing angle.

Dynamic Contrast

An Intelligent Scene Controller helps to enhance the high contrast technology to accurately reproduce colour, brightness, and contrast on the picture as they appear on your television screen.


All Pure Line LED TV models from Panasonic are integrated with the VIERA CAST feature that will enable users to get quick access to the internet. You can therefore easily hook up your Panasonic TV with any web services such as Skype, YouTube, Twitter, Google’s Picasa Web Albums, among other interactive online services. You can use a wireless LAN network or Ethernet cable to enjoy internet connectivity.

178-Wide Angle Viewing

This feature has become somewhat of a standard in most modern television from Panasonic today. This is possible with the advanced IPS Alpha panel and its use of 10-bit display technology. It is also a great solution for a large family or group such that you can view movies together and sit anywhere you want while still enjoying the same quality of viewing experience.

Due to its use of a 178-degree wide viewing angle, you will still get the clearest picture quality regardless of where in the room you choose to sit in.

Freeview HD Tuner

Another standard feature for most LED TVs from Panasonic is the integration of a digital built-in tuner service. You can therefore enjoy a limitless array of HD channels without paying for any subscription fee. You can choose whatever content you want, whether it be drama, soap opera, sports, or movies, you can experience all of it in full HD glory.

Versatile Connectivity Options

If you want to connect the Panasonic TX-L37D28BS with an external device, then you can simply do so with a wide range of connectivity options. The most notable option would be the VIERA LINK technology, which not only links together various devices that you want for your TV, but also enables you to control all devices using a single remote control.

Standard connectivity options are also available namely HDMI cables, SCART, PC input, S-Video, and Composite.

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The Essential Guide to the Fantasy Basketball Cheat Sheet: Part I

If you want to win your fantasy basketball league, you have to do your homework now, BEFORE THE DRAFT. The easiest way to do this is to make a Cheat Sheet.

In the past, I’ve used two methods for making my Cheat Sheets: 1.) I use large Post-It Notes to display my information and stick them to the shelf above my computer screen in an easily viewable row; or 2.) I make the old fashioned 8 ½ ” by 11″ blank sheet of paper cheat sheet. Which ever you pick is just a matter of convenience to you. The important part is the information you put on those cheat sheets.

The first Cheat Sheet I make is for each statistical category that is scored in the league. Standard Yahoo Fantasy NBA scoring categories are: Field Goal %, Free Throw %, Three Pointers Made, Total Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks and Turnovers.

Every category is important, so you have to be aware of who the leaders are in each and who the Deal Breakers are in each category. It is virtually impossible to win your league and be in last place in any of these scoring categories. You can’t always be strong in every category, but you have to be at least average in them.

The essential tools for compiling this information are:

The sortable stats found under the “Players” link in every Yahoo Fantasy NBA league;

Yahoo Sports NBA Sortable Stats,SG,G,GF,SF,PF,F,FC,C ; and’s Statistics web page

Using these tools, it’s simply a matter of making lists. You need to use all of these tools however in making your lists for each statistical category to get every angle on how these players actually accrue those statistics. Before the draft, the “Players” link of Yahoo Fantasy NBA only has last season’s total accumulated statistics. Both Yahoo Sports NBA statistics and NBA.Com’s statistics give you more understandable per game averages that tell a more complete story for last season when a player had a lot of games off for injury or suspension.

One of the best tools for compiling categorical statistic lists is’s Statistics per 48 minutes. Projecting statistics for last years young rookies, inexperienced or injured players, who will get more time this season can best be done with per 48 minute statistics. It shows you what kind of impact those players had when they were in the game, despite their lack of playing time.

In making my Cheat Sheets, I try to list the leaders in each statistical category that I know I would draft, from the category leader down to the better than average players in that statistic. I give greater weight in the shooting percentage categories to the players who shoot and score the most. It’s best to use Yahoo Sports NBA Statistics to see who the true statistical users are with shooting percentages. This helps eliminate players that barely even scored or shot last season from the percentage rankings.

It’s also important to find players that will hurt your chances of winning a statistical category. I call these players the “Deal Breakers”. Oftentimes a Deal Breaker is great in most statistical categories, but is absolutely horrid in one category, horrid enough to keep you from winning your league. The All-time biggest Deal Breaker in Fantasy Basketball is Shaq. Shaq shoots more free throws than any player in the league and shoots a miserable 53.1% from the free throw line. He might actually miss more free throws in one night than the rest of your starting 5 might attempt… Find the Deal Breakers and exclude them from your draft list.

It’s also good to look at statistics like assist to turnover and steal to turnover ratios. NBA.Com’s statistics will give you access to this information. Assist to turnover ratio can be a very valuable tool in picking point guards to draft. Any player with a high steal to turnover ratio is a solid pick for your draft as well.

I always try to focus on the shooting percentages first when drafting, but I’ve also found that players that get a lot of steals are always ranked very highly in Yahoo Fantasy leagues. Steals always …

Top Six Free Apps for Streaming Movies and TV Shows on Android

There are many apps that let the Android users stream movies and TV shows on their devices for free.

Here, I am listing some of the topmost apps, which will put hundreds of movies and countless TV shows at your fingertips.


SPB TV is an amazing app that provides you a good mix of content from across the world. The owners of Android smartphones, tablets, and Android TV can enjoy more than 200 TV channels with this app.

To have a smooth viewing experience, you would need an LTE, Wi-Fi, 3G, or WiMAX Internet connection. The app has more than more than five million users.


Crackle is a popular free app which to stream movies and TV shows on Android devices. You can get an amazing collection of media with this app, however, in exchange, you will have to watch the commercials during the stream.

Some of the original programs of Crackle original include Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Sports Jeopardy and Joe Dirt 2.


Hulu lets you watch movies and premium TV shows on their Android phones or smartphones for free. This app is filled with the latest and classic shows, movies, and popular kids’ programs.

Well, there are no subscription charges of the free version of Hulu, to get complete access to app’s library you will have to pay $7.99 a month (with advertisements) or $11.99 a month (without advertisements).


Showbox is another excellent app with a huge library of over 10,000 movies and TV shows. This app also allows you to download the content and watch it offline.

This app is not available on Google Play, but you can download it from its official website. It has more than 10 million active users.


Toonmania is an awesome app that is specifically developed and crafted to watch anime and cartoons with comfort. This app features a huge selection of dubbed Anime, Cartoons, and Anime/Cartoon Movies. The instinctive and clean layout of this app allows you to easily navigate everything and discover what you are looking for.

Currently, Toonmania is not available at Google Play Store. However, you can download the APK file of this app from Aptoide.


Crunchyroll is another popular app to stream Amine movies and shows on Android. This app is available at Google Play Store and has more than five million downloads.

The free version of this app feature advertisements, but you can get an ad-free premium version for $4.99 a month with a 14-day trial.

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A Brief History of Sports Medicine in the US

Sports have been around for thousands of years and so has the practice of sports medicine, a branch of medicine focusing on the prevention and treatment of injuries related to exercise and sports. Though many professional sports teams have had physicians on staff for years, sport and exercise medicine did not become a distinct segment of health care until the late twentieth century. However, it has been practiced in some manner since early civilization.

The Beginnings of Sports Medicine

The Atharva-Veda method practiced by the Hindus is the first recorded use of exercise for treatment of an athletic injury. The Chinese book of Kung Fu, created in approximately 1000 BC, also mentions physical fitness treatment. It was not until the fifth century BC that we saw mention of therapeutic exercise in the western world. The practice was associated with Herodicus, believed to be a teacher of Hippocrates, who is considered the Father of Medicine. Hippocrates himself also recommended exercise to treat disease.

The Practice Becomes a Fixture

Trainers, who also served as coaches, became fixtures by the fifth century BC. The first athletic training textbook was written in approximately 444 BC by Iccus of Tarentum, himself a former Pentathlon champion. The Romans continued this practice, releasing several training manuals over the next 700 years. Milo of Croton was arguably one of the most famous trainers of the time and the first recorded progressive resistance exercise, lifting a bull on the day it was born, is attributed to him.

Rivalries between trainers and doctors relegated physicians to a treatment role until the second century AD, when the role of team physician was first noted. Pontifex Maximus appointed Claudius Galen of Pergamum and Rome as physician for the gladiators in Pergamum. Claudius published his treatments and findings and went on to become physician for the famous emperor Marcus Aurelius. When the Roman Empire fell, additional learning was restricted in the western world. The Byzantine Empire and Islamic culture preserved the heritage for many years.

Dr. Edward Hitchcock brought sports medicine to America when he became the first physical education and hygiene instructor at Amherst College in 1854. He is considered the first sports medical physician and team physician in the United States. Other early practitioners included Drs. Edward Nichols, Mal Stevens, and Augustus Thorndike, who published the first general text of the practice in this country. Today, physicians utilize chiropractic and other advanced treatments for health care of physical activity.

Source by Anthony Galante