Orthopedic Surgeon Salary and the 2012 Job Outlook

The orthopedics surgeon salary is one of the highest paying medical specialties among surgeon jobs. As more and more people demand orthopedic care, it created many changes in pay and compensation within the medical institution system. Reports say that this surgeons receive a median annual salary of $350,000 annually. Adding more to this, an approximate of 20 percent respondents in a salary survey who practice surgery reported an income in excess of half a million dollars annually.

Surgeon salary

Based on the US Natural Averages, surgeons who are in the lowest 10 percent tend to earn $243,833 per year. And for those who are in the upper 10 percent, they receive the possible highest earnings that may amount to $687,143 annually. This makes orthopedic surgery as one of the most financially-lucrative careers in the field of medicine.

Gender-Specific orthopedic surgeon salary

Interestingly, male physicians tend to earn higher orthopedic surgeon salary than women. This might be due to the fact that women more likely work fewer hours in exchange for family time, so they often demand more flexible schedule. The median orthopedic surgeon salary for male surgeons is at $362,000, which greatly exceeded the annual salary for female orthopedic surgeons having only $276,000. This translates to at least 30 percent of disparity between the two salaries.

Orthopedic Surgeon salary by Job Titles

Similar to other medical professions, the surgeon salary also varies depending on the geographical location, experience, type of employer, and area of specialization. For instance, orthopedic surgeons who work as an orthopedic surgery physician can earn more than $253,000 as compared to a general surgeon with $162,000. Another example, those who work at the Southwestern Virginia earn &162,000 while those at Coast City make almost $180,000 annually.

How to become A Surgeon

Before these surgeons earn as much as $600,000 annually, it first took them almost 13 years of academic preparation and clinical training. Fellowship training is optional after completing the residency program successfully. However, Fellowship trainings can provide students with better chance to specialize in the area of Orthopedics such as musculoskeletal oncology and joint replacement. From Bachelor’s, medical school, to residency program, the students are always required to take major courses in biology, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology.

Once students enter the medical school, they must prepare themselves to pass the US Medical Licensure and the American Board of Medical Specialties exams. The board-certification is optional, but many physicians still pursue this as an additional credential.

The Job Outlook

The US Department of Labor stated that approximately four percent of all physicians are specialized orthopedic surgery. More than 50 percent of surgeons practice general orthopedics while 11 percent specialize in spinal surgery, and ten percent practice sports medicine. The BLS has also stated that the demand for these surgeons will continue to increase. With that, the employment opportunities are expected to grow faster than the national average until 2014. So, students and orthopedic surgeons can expect a much higher surgeon salary in the next few years.

Source by Rein Albert Smith

The Importance of Sports in City Marketing

Countries and cities are being promoted with a very similar way to products or services from private brands. One major difference, though, is that this promotion is being performed not only by private brands, but also by the people of that particular city or country in partnership with governmental agencies.

This is relevant for the economy of the country/city brand and this is no coincidence that the major world cities like New York, London, Paris and more function well and each year the number of tourists is more than double the number of the residents. Apart from the people and the governmental agencies, private brands are also increasingly helpful. For instance when someone in the US buys an Adidas product he/she gets a little piece of Germany. Another example are the “Made in Italy” products, which connect Italy with the words high quality and style. A clear example of city marketing is New York city with the slogan “I Love New York”, which is printed in many products that can be found almost everywhere around the world.

Nonetheless, the question is “how to build a brand image for a country or a city?” The first and most important step is to make an analysis of the current situation and configure the ideal future image. Next, identifying the ideal primary and secondary audiences, what they currently think about the country or the city and what is that you want them to think. Final step is to create a timetable and find the capital to support the plan.

Another question is “what is the role of sports in City Marketing?” It is more than clear that sports is a huge industry, which of course generates billions of dollars around the globe, but also has the power to involve values and emotions influencing millions of people, making them very important for marketing and sales. A question that arises now is “Why is this contribution so important?” Here are some reasons:

The constantly growing media attention that the sports are receiving from around the globe.

The large number of sectors related to sports that can generate tourist activity in the country or in the city.

The ability to connect the sport, the event and the people with the city or country.

Incorporating the names of cities or countries into the terminology itself, like in events.

The events or teams are a factor for internationalization of the cities or countries.

A driving force for the economy on many levels.

The creation of ambassadors as individuals or as groups, like most sports clubs have around the globe.

Opportunities for sports diplomacy, where sports events become a useful tool for positioning and expansion of country brands.

A clear example of all these are the Olympic Games, in which a country becomes the center of the world in every field, socially, economically and culturally. This event apart from the publicity, it offers to the host city or country to take on infrastructure and urban development projects that might not otherwise be possible.

Source by Pavlos Pavlidis

Analytics in Football – A Double Edged Sword

Sports as we know it today has come a long way. There were times when watching sports on television was considered a massive step forward in terms of technology. Fast forward 60 years, watching sports on television has become the most basic thing. Today we watch sports on the go on our mobile phones or any device with a screen and internet connectivity. Proud of how far we’ve come, aren’t we? Hopefully I can change your opinion on that by the end of this article.

What is sports all about? Sports is a bunch of people getting together to play a game with pre defined rules and a referee to ensure that these rules are adhered to during the passage of play. I am a sport lover and play sports all time. My love for tennis and soccer in particular cannot be defined. My issue when it came to technology and advanced analytics was with the game of soccer in particular. Soccer is such a beautiful game. The strategies that the coaching staff come up with and the way it is executed on field by the players, it actually is a thing of beauty. I was a soccer player myself (just an average one at that) and have been part of various teams. I know firsthand how strategies are built, how much thought goes into one single run of play.

Enter -Advanced Analytics

Most of you would’ve seen the movie Moneyball. The movie was based on the book Michael Lewis wrote in 2003. It talks about how a jock turned luminary uses advanced statistics to gain a competitive edge over his better funded opponents. This book brought about a revolution is sports. Fans and boards of soccer clubs didn’t want to settle for subpar statistics or analytics anymore. What Moneyball did is, it took an old cliché – “sports are businesses” and made us move on to the next logical question – “how do we do things smarter?”

Now let’s talk about advanced analytics. Advanced analytics in today’s world plays a massive role in every business sector. Advanced analytics has been a boon for us. Moving from descriptive analytics to prescriptive analytics, we actually have come a long way. In various businesses, where the requirement is demanding, advanced analytics are of utmost importance.

When we look at soccer, its a game that does not require too much machine intelligence, it is a game that needs the human element. When you bring in analytics and technology and try to reduce the human element in the sports, it simply just crushes the spirit of the game.

Relying on analytics heavily killed the Premier Leagues long ball game and brought in the pressing, continual passing tiki-taka. Each league for that matter had its own style of play. The Premier League had the brash and brazen style of football that was termed “The way real men play football”. There were beautiful long balls, harsh tackles but all the players just sucked it up, walked it off and it was all up to the referee on the pitch to penalize the offender or not. There were arguments and fights, the passion from the fans was crazy, that was the football that screamed of passion, when players got in the face of other players not fearing punishment. The Eric Cantona’s, the Ivan Genaro Gattuso’s, the Jaap Stam’s of the football world went missing soon enough and the diving and the biting began. Then there was the tiki-taka style of football that was played in the Spanish La Liga, the silky style of play that caught everyone off guard. The legendary Pep Guardiola and his army at Barcelona were the masters of the tiki-taka. There was Real Madrid who were always a star studded line-up with excessive parts of their play relying on lightning quick counters which most often than not left the opponents stunned. There was Manchester United who had their own brand of football being managed by the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. That United team was a team of sheer grit and character. Each of these leagues had their own beauty and the teams had their own style of play.

When you bring in …

NCAA and NBA Bet On Sports Strategy

Sports betting is becoming more and more popular nowadays – even more so with the emergence of online betting. Now, it’s quicker to place your bets and is even more convenient to study the betting odds online and get valuable information. For beginners or for those who have already spent quite some time in sports betting and wants to get more out of it still, here are some strategies that you can use when you bet on sports.

One good strategy that you can use when you bet on sports is being organized when it comes to placing your bets. Get a schedule of the games. The NBA has a website that you can visit where you can take a look at the schedule of the games. If you are a member of sports betting forum or you have access to a sports betting portal, you can also take a look at the game schedule from there. Make your selection clear by using the 3-digit number for the team you are betting on. Also, be up to date for any date and time changes. It has been cited that bettors who consistently lose are those who are disorganized when it comes to placing and monitoring their wagers.

Another strategy when you bet on sports is to educate yourself on betting essentials such as reading the odds. Reading the odds allows you to tell how much the risks are in placing your bets on a particular team and how much risk the casino is also putting in. Many sportsbooks or sports betting portals have sections where you can see the odds on the NBA and the NCAA and study them. You can see the spreads and the totals for the NBA games and you can even get a free analysis of what could happen during the games, which can help you a lot when you bet on sports.

If you also take a look at sports betting portals, you will find many other types or ways to place your bets such as parlays and teasers. However, when you bet on sports, it is recommended that you only place a straight bet as the others, also known as exotic bets, can decrease your chances of winning.

If you also want to look for other tips on winning strategies when betting on sports, then you can look into sports betting forums. You can meet many people there, some who are already seasoned and experts at sports betting. Sports betting forums are a great avenue for sharing betting tips and analysis that you can make use of. Many of them are involved in betting on the NBA and the NCAA and will gladly share what they know with you.

The best strategy when you bet on sports, whether it is the NCAA or the NBA, is to research and maybe improves on excellent betting strategies that you can use long-term. This will ensure, or at least help, you to establish a good position for yourself when you bet on sports.

Source by Richard Gringer

Physical Therapy in the Treatment of Sports Injuries

Exercise and physical activity are very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle but it is a fact that strenuous physical activity greatly increases the risk of soft tissue damage (ligaments, muscles and tendon) and bone injuries. The primary and secondary mode of therapies differs depending upon the nature and cause of injuries. In traumatic injuries, a more intensive surgical or medical therapy is needed but since most sports injuries are minor sprains, muscle pulls and ligament injuries that do not require any medical or surgical intervention, physical therapy alone is the best mode of therapy in majority of the cases. Moreover, in case of surgeries that involve major joints, rehabilitation is needed to improve healing and blood circulation which makes physical therapist an integral part of any sports team.

Some common sports injuries for which physical therapy is very helpful include abrasions, perhaps the most superficial and common forms of injuries. Ankle sprain is also another common and apparently simple form of sport injury that can occur when athletes perform vigorous activity without performing warm up exercises. Tearing of ligaments (ACL being the most common) is another injury that may limit the degree of movement across the knee joint and can affect the sports career of the athletes. Hamstring pull or strain or tear is reported frequently in running sports and the injury may be as minor as a sprain to as severe as muscle tearing. Bone fractures are also very common in athletes and require stabilization via surgeries, splinting and other modes of interventive care.

Athletes have a very limited scope of undergoing major surgeries and most of the athletes avoid adopting interventive medicine for a number of reasons like delay in healing that affects the performance and form of players, risk of damage to major or minor nerves and vessels as part of iatrogenic trauma or prolonged disability that limits the athlete to perform in sports activities.

Regular physical therapy in sportsmen improves range of motion across the joints, flexibility of muscles and promotes fitness as a whole by warming up muscles. It also helps in the development of small muscle fibers that are missed out in gym exercises. It’s the best mode of therapy for all age groups and all sports personnel that is equally effective in male and female players.

Physical therapy serves at stabilizing the tissues in the natural biochemical environment and helps in promoting blood circulation. Rehabilitation after any surgery and primarily sports surgery requires restoration of physical mobility via physical therapy that decreases the pain by washing off the pain-producing mediators and hasten tissue recovery by restoring optimal blood circulation across healing tissues.

Physical therapists are an essential part of all sports teams to enhance fitness in the team and to take care of minor tissue injuries to decrease the risk of inflammation related tissue damage. Physical therapists serve these important functions by sports education that serves to educate professional sports players regarding warm up exercises, tissue relaxing exercises and massage to prevent soaring of muscles. Education regarding appropriate postures during and after sports activities, machines and devices that promote blood supply to tissues, joints, muscles and bones and muscle strengthening exercise that stabilize tissues and provide support to ligaments, tendons and other parts of musculoskeletal system.

Source by Ron Ayalon

Why Do You Need Sports Nutrition

Whether you are exercising to improve your health, a professional athlete or a bodybuilder, the sports nutrition plays a vital role in optimizing beneficial effects of physical activity. Choosing a right nutrition can result in injury prevention, improved performance, and recovery.

According to Thomas Edison, “The doctor of future will no longer treat human frame with drugs, rather will prevent and cure disease with nutrition”.

In order to support your goals and health, different nutrition professionals offer a number of services. Moreover, these nutrition can range from a daily food diary, to comprehensive nutrition and food plan for competitions and training.

Here we will explore the importance of sports nutrition, and how a sports nutritionist can support our training regime. Also, they covered supplements and nutrients that are frequently included in the dietary program of athletes. We will discuss these things in details.

The importance of sports nutrition

Consuming balanced food and drink is very important for us all. However, people that are actively participating in sport on a routine basis should know that it can also affect their performance. For instance, athletes, may require more calories compared to average people.

Those who are athletes, or even people that make up their mind to start exercising on a daily basis, should not let a good nutrition plan fall down on their list of priorities.

Sports performance and the energy

Protein, carbohydrates, and fats all provide our body with fuel to maintain the energy. Furthermore, carbohydrates are a primary fuel used by our working muscles. The adequate intake is necessary for preventing muscle fatigue. You are advised to monitor the fat intake, but do not completely remove it from the diet.

Fats provide fatty acids in our body that can be used an energy source – especially if your exercise sessions last more than an hour. These fats also provide the building blocks for hormones as well as formation of cell walls.

Proteins can be used as an energy source and they are critical for building new muscle tissues. People that are taking part in resistance training, their body will require additional protein.

Weight management

Eating well is very important to maintain a healthy weight. So, if you are trying to lose weight, strictly reducing fat, calorie intake or protein can have a negative impact on your performance. Meanwhile, it can also rigorously harm your body.

Some specific and useful foods that you should be a part of the diet for the optimum sports nutrition include:

· Whole grains

· Vegetables

· Fruit

· Healthy fats.

· Hydration, and

· Sources of lean protein as well as low-fat dairy products

Staying hydrated is of utmost importance, especially when you are taking part in any sport. The inadequate fluid intake can lead to dehydration. It also affects the performance, and could be dangerous for health as well.

Although dehydration can occur in any activity, it is very prevalent when exercising in humid and hot conditions. The perfect thing for re-hydration is water, but it is advised to use sports drinks with electrolytes, for those who are engaged in the physical activity for longer than an hour.

After the event

You are highly advised to avoid neglecting your nutritional needs, if you have had to walk the last half-mile of your run due to fatigue or even the things have not gone according to your plan in your game. No matter what the result is, it should be your priority.

Footballers, casual runners, athletes, and others typically do not consume enough fluids when they take part in different events, or trainings. So, it is very important to restore the balance after every event. The water is perfect for rehydration.

How sports nutrition professionals can help?

The major aim of a dietitian or sports nutritionist is to create a nutrition plan for the training needs of different clients. The plans will incorporate hydration and food. It does not matter whether you are training for professional events or exercising casually, sports nutrition is very integral to performance.

Such a strategy can also help to:

· Enhance recovery.

· Promote good health

· Increase energy levels

· Help manage weight

· Develop growth and body composition…

Advice On Sports Nutrition Supplements

Have you wondered how your favorite athletes do their workout? Or what kind of exercises they perform, what kind of food they eat or how do they manage to relax under pressure situations? Probably you don’t care about all this because what matters for you is their performance in the sport. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t take care of themselves like we do.

In fact, athletes need to monitor their lifestyle very closely and keep their health conditions at par with their competitors; not just by eating right food items but also by consuming supplements.

Supplements are an integral part of athletes’ diet. It is required to have an enhancement of their endurance, and also to increase or, if not increase, at least maintain the appropriate muscle mass to be able to improve size and strength.

One of the most important parts of any sports nutrition is protein supplements. Without these supplements, athletes would not be the way they are at present. However, contrary to what most people think, diets jam-packed with protein do not necessarily build up muscle strength.

Building up muscle strength would be the job of regular physical activity. So if you want those big muscles you have to do exercises, not necessarily at gyms but could be also at your residences, daily. The key factor here is regularity. What you can achieve with steady and regular exercises may not be possible with a high profile but an irregular one.

Sports nutrition supplements need high levels of protein, which you can get from protein-rich foods. Enumerating all those food item will be a total waste of space in this article.

But to make you aware of the basics, here are a few of the foods that are rich in protein. There is fish, poultry and dairy products, and these are the foods you usually get your protein from because some sources of protein are high in fat and also in calories. So basically, you must take note of which sources are high in fat and which are not.

Even though nutrition supplements are useful, there are many reasons because of which sports nutrition experts discourage use of such supplements. One of the reasons is that these supplements can put a strain on your liver and kidneys.

Other reasons include high amounts of nitrogen in the nutrition supplement, which will only be excreted from your body as urea. But it is not as easy nor is as safe as it sounds because this said excretion often causes fluid imbalance, which leads to dehydration.

Another problem with sports nutrition supplements that have high amounts of protein from animal sources is that there are higher risks of heart diseases due to the high fat intake associated with such nutrition.

One more disadvantage of sports nutrition supplements is that there is a huge tendency that you will ingest amino acids that are capable of interfering with other amino acids, which results in a metabolic imbalance.

Beware of sports nutrition supplements that have high amounts of amino aids because it can cause gout; diarrhea and stomach cramping that can rank from mild to severe pain.

Even though sports nutrition supplements are being discouraged by sports nutrition experts, Bricker Labs, a sports nutrition supplement manufacturer, still does a lot of research, developments and marketing in this area.

Bricker Labs has over thirty years to blame for their success in their provision of sports nutrition supplements. They do not apply to sports nutrition only too, but also to weight loss, diet, health and other nutritional aspects.

It’s because of their experience in the field of sports nutrition and also because of their choice of perfectly safer ingredients in developing the nutrition that you would not like to consider any other manufacturer for your sports nutrition supplements. So what are the ingredients they use and how are they safer than those that other manufacturers use?

They make us of the L-Carnitine, which is mainly used for weight loss, energy and also for having a healthy heart function; Colostrums, which gives your body a healthy immune system function and also gives your body an improved stamina and also for an easier recovery in almost …

The Benefits of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Foam on Sports Glasses

Let me tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about EVA, the amazing material behind the most extreme eyewear products.

First of all, the definition: EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, and it is the co-polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate.

Extreme sports enthusiasts should take note. Whether you ride jet skis, raft in white water, race speed boats, water ski or enjoy kayaking, EVA foam will easily become your best friend.

When formulated into the closed cell foam, EVA takes on the following characteristics which are of great advantage for extreme sports glasses:

  • Completely tactile – gripping, non-slipping
  • Energy absorbing – protects your face from sudden shocks
  • Weather/moisture resistant – antibacterial, antimold
  • Chemical/oil resistant – easy to clean
  • Thermal insulating – keeps your head a steady temp
  • Anti-static
  • Highly resilient – keeps its form fit to your shape
  • Smooth and soft – allows for periods of longer wearing
  • High buoyancy – will float even in the roughest waters
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly

This dense and durable foam can be found in many commercial applications, from handle grips to flotation and safety devices, from sporting equipment to childrens toys and furniture. EVA is also typically used as a shock absorber in sports shoes, and the smooth surface cleans easily with an antibacterial cloth.

Superior Gripping – With this miracle foam, ordinary sports sunglasses instantly become strapless goggles.

World Class Floatation – The unparalleled buoyancy of EVA keeps your glasses above the water’s surface, even with polarized sunglasses or prescription lenses.

Long-lasting Comfort – The softness of this material allows you to wear your sports sunglasses for longer periods, letting you play all day long.

In researching the market of sporting eyewear, I’ve found that Bomber Eyewear is the only maker of sports sunglasses that offers Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam on its products.  It’s been proven by jet ski riders, white water rafters, water skiers and kayakers that Bomber’s patented process of adding EVA foam to sunglasses and safety eyewear protects you from the dangers of life on the edge.

Once you try a pair of sports sunglasses with EVA foam, you’ll forever accept no substitute!

Source by Tommy Bonacci

Rigid Strapping Tape – Tips for Applying and Removing

Here are some tips on how to effective use Rigid Strapping Tape on the body:

Prepare Your Skin before Application of Sport Strapping Tape:

  1. Shave the part of the skin you wish to apply sports tape on – you will get best results if you shave the skin using either a regular or an electric razor at least 12 hours before applying tape.
  2. Clean the skin thoroughly with a dry piece of cloth to remove the body oil. This will ensure that the adhesive tape holds for a long time.
  3. Use a band-aid to cover any scratches or broken skin before applying the tape.
  4. Use a sports under wrap – An under-wrap will protect the skin from any rashes or skin irritation caused by the tape.

Effectively Applying the Rigid Strapping Tape:

  1. For best results, apply athletic tape to joints when they are ‘at rest’ position.
  2. Do not flex your muscles too extensively when rolling the tape around them; it will loosen the grip of the tape.
  3. Make sure to apply the tape in one single direction so that it would roll over that area smoothly.

Make Sure the Strapping Tape is Tight, But Not Tight Enough:

  1. Flex your muscles, but not too much, when applying the sports tape, so that you can get a good idea of how tight the tape should be.
  2. Make sure it is not applied too loosely, otherwise it will not be able to effectively protect the joints and limbs.
  3. It shouldn’t be too tight either – otherwise the blood circulation to the joints will slow down.
  4. In case the skin feels numb and tingling, remove the strapping tape and reapply with reduced tightness.

What is the Perfect Amount of Tape?

  1. The amount of tape required depends on the amount of support you are looking for. However, using more tape will cause immobility in muscles and using too little might not be enough to support your joints and muscles.
  2. For best results, apply the tape with slight overlapping.

Removing the Rigid Strapping Tape:

  1. For best results, remove the tape right after you are done with your sporting or training activities for the day. Rigid Strapping Tape shouldn’t be applied for longer periods of time or they can hinder blood circulation.
  2. Use a small scissor to cut through the tape, so that it may come off easily. Take precaution while cutting.
  3. Once the tape is cut, peel the tape off the skin gently. Use a tape remover, oil, or body lotion to take the tape off painlessly and to avoid any after marks.

Source by Cade Arnel

Healthy Sports Drinks – Help Replenish Water and Essential Nutrients

Health is wealth goes the old saying. If you want to excel in sports, you need to have a healthy body. Since sports involve a great deal of physical exertion, a lot of body sweat gets discharged from sports persons’ bodies. This may lead to dehydration and they may have to deal with depletion of vital nutrients and minerals that give energy in their bodies. To supplement their energy needs, they need to take healthy sports drinks.

Healthy sports energy blends are primarily meant to replace body water lost after a physical exertion. They also facilitate replenishment of nutrients, electrolytes, and carbohydrates. Since water makes up around 60% of the person’s body, taking healthy sports drinks to keep this water volume intact becomes essential.

Water facilitates regulation of body temperature through sweating. It also plays the role of a transporter of oxygen and nutrients in the body. Since athletes and sports persons sweat a lot, the chances of water reduction in their bodies multiply and they may get dehydrated. Energy blends can prevent this process.

Healthy sports drinks give instant energy that also lasts longer unlike ordinary drinks that give instant energy that last only a few hours. Healthy sports blends contain calories, sodium, proteins, and other minerals in right proportion. They do not contain any stimulants or sweeteners. They also do not contain substances like caffeine.

Healthy sports drinks are prepared after a great research work on different body needs of sports persons. It can be categorized into isotonic, hypotonic, and hypertonic depending upon their water and sugar content. Isotonic it contains water similar to the volume of water in the human body, with six to eight percent sugar. Hypotonic sports drinks contain more water and less sugar, while hypertonic sports drinks contain less water and more sugar.

Source by J. Harding